How to Join

Who can join?

All Law Enforcement Officers such as: Any active Law Enforcement Officer in good standing, who believes in proactive law enforcement techniques and combating the criminal element. Background checks will be conducted on applicants to verify employment.

What we provide

  • 1. A registry of all active members and their agencies names and contact data for information sharing and networking abilities. This does not contain any officer's personal information for their own safety.
  • 2. You will receive a 1-year subscription to our own official publication, 'Criminal Enforcement Magazine...Life on the Edge.'
  • 3. Secure web based forum to post your own incident reports / seizures and felony arrest(s). In addition; we update the forum daily with the newest and latest trends through Intelligence Reports, Officer Safety Alerts, Terrorist Alerts, Officer Down Notifications, Wanted Person BOLOS, Legal Case Law Updates, Job Opportunities, Law Enforcement Humor, Member Seizure and Arrests Photo Gallery, as well as a Photo Gallery for Hidden Compartments, Traps in Motor Vehicles and much more. This assists our members with keeping up with the ever changing trends of criminal activity.
  • 4. A complete information exchange system (networking) so that each member can keep up with what other members are doing on the street.
  • 5. Training Opportunities: Discounts offered to all active NCEA members at any NCEA sponsored training seminars and schools.
  • 6. A $1,000.00+ Death Benefit for any active NCEA member who gets killed in the line-of-duty. This will benefit will be paid to the beneficiary of your choosing.

If you have any other questions about joining, please contact us at Existing Members can renew by logging in. You will be prompted to renew via credit card. If you need help signing in or forgot your user name or password, please contact for assistance.