Training Instructors

The National Criminal Enforcement Association was founded on the very principles of what Captain Robbie Bishop exemplified through his drive and successful work on the streets, as well as his successful efforts to train America's law enforcement officers.  Robbie always brought affordable training to rural and urban areas of the east coast passing on his experiences to road officers who wanted to go to work each day and proactively make a difference.

Although we have been training tens of thousands of law enforcement officers around the world since 1999 in pro-active Street Level and Highway Interdiction, Officer Safety, K-9, Narcotics and After Market Hidden Compartment Smuggling Trend's, Mexican Drug Trafficking Cartels and Search and Seizure and Courtroom Testimony, the NCEA has taken drastic steps to expound upon our Criminal Interdiction training to now include Homeland Security, Anti-Terrorism and Homemade Explosives training. This training shift is a direct result of the dangerous terroristic events and threats we have seen evolving both domestically and abroad.

The NCEA has 2 internationally renown instructors on staff as our training directors.  Alex Gonzalez is our Director of Training for all Criminal Interdiction and Domestic Training. Jim Ljunggren is our Director of International and Homeland Security Training.  Both Alex and Jim can be contacted at their email addresses below if you have any questions or you are interested in hosting or attending one or any of our 1, 2, or 3 day training workshops.


Alejandro 'Alex' Gonzalez is a retired law enforcement officer with over 25 years of law enforcement experience, 10 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy, two years with the Villa Rica Police Department in Georgia, over eleven years with Hoover PD, Alabama, and over two years with the 17th Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force, Alabama. He has more than fifteen years’ experience in highway criminal patrol investigations and has received over 2000 hours of formalized highway criminal patrol training, both in the classroom and actual highway exercises. Alejandro also proudly served in the United States Marine Corp from 1981-1985. Gonzalez has made highway criminal patrol seizures consisting of over $14.5 million in US currency, more than 15,500 pounds of marijuana, 1847 pounds of cocaine, 7.5 pounds of black tar heroin, 87 pounds of methamphetamine (ICE), and a significant number of seizures involving other types of illegal contraband. Additionally, he has detected more than 200 concealed after-market built compartments containing illegal contraband which were either manually or electronically operated. Gonzalez has been recognized in both federal and state courts as an expert in criminal interdiction, (passenger and commercial motor vehicle), and vehicular contraband concealment. In addition, he has made hundreds of felony arrests as a law enforcement officer. Gonzalez is also a former 'North American Standard' Level 1, 2, 3 Inspector (DOT/Commercial Motor Vehicle). Gonzalez is also a POST certified instructor in the state of Georgia and Mississippi, as well as an instructor for 'NHTSA' (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 'DIAP' (Drug Interdiction Assistance Program', 'FMCSA' (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 'EPIC' (El Paso Intelligence Center), 'US DOJ' (United States Department of Justice), 'DEA' (Drug Enforcement Administration), 'RCTA' (Regional Counter Drug Training Academy), 'NCEA' (National Criminal Enforcement Association, 'MCTC' (Midwest Counter Drug Training Center), 'MCTFT' (Multi-Jurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training), 'HITS' (Highway Interdiction Training Specialists), 'RCMP' (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Command Spanish Inc., Alabama Governors Traffic Safety Task Force, and has trained thousands of local, state, and federal officials throughout the country on highway criminal patrol tactics.

Gonzalez has also instructed Russian military officers and narcotics agents as well as for the United States Attorney’s Office/Northern District of Alabama (Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force Summit). Gonzalez is a fluent speaker of the Spanish language and has assisted federal and local agencies by translating during interviews and wiretaps with Spanish speaking suspects. In addition, he has translated the audio portion of in-car videos of highway criminal patrol stops in federal court. Gonzalez has received numerous awards such as 2007 'Optimist Club' Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, NCEA 2005 R.E.B 314 Award, 2004 Networker of the Year, 2005 Seizure/Arrest of the Month (May), 2006 Largest Interstate Currency Seizure, 2009 Seizure/Arrest of the Month (December) 2006 and 2007 DIAP Nominee for Interdiction Officer of the Year, 2008 DIAP 'CMV Criminal Interdiction Officer of the Year,' 2008 EPIC/DIAP 'CMV Instructor of the Year,' and 2016 EPIC 'Directors Award.' Gonzalez was also a team member of a Nationally recognized commercial motor vehicle criminal interdiction unit, receiving several awards for its accomplishments. Alejandro has also written an article for 'The National Criminal Enforcement Association Magazine,' on 'Creating a Criminal Interdiction Team, a Guideline for Success.'

Alex Gonzalez,
Director of Training


Ljunggren is a police officer with the Auburn Massachusetts Police Department currently assigned to the department’s Canine Unit. Ljunggren has served with the Auburn Police Department since 1993, having previous served a canine officer for the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Police Department from 1988 to 1993. Ljunggren currently operates in a unique capacity training and operational deployment of two canines. One canine is used for Explosives Detection, and the other canine is used for suspect tracking and narcotic detection. He is a nationally certified canine trainer for the United States Police Canine Association having trained Police Canines for the past 29 years in the areas of tracking, detection, and utility work. Ljunggren has successfully tracked hundreds of people using police canines he has trained. He responded and deployed his explosives canine to the 2013 Terrorist Bombings in Boston, MA. As a part of his regular duties, he trains partner agencies canine teams from the State, Federal, and Local levels. Jim has been directly involved in the evaluation and certification of over 300 Police canines throughout New England. Ljunggren has an extensive background in explosives and is currently a licensed commercial blaster. He created the Homemade Explosives (HME) training program for first responders in Massachusetts. He has introduced this training program throughout the country to Local, State and Federal agencies, as well as NATO countries overseas. His experience in the explosive industry and his time in the Middle East have allowed him to apply real life education with his technological course. Ljunggren is an Expert Witness in the subject matter of “Detection Canines” for the US Department of Justice, Office of the US Attorney. Further, he has worked for extended periods of time overseas training working dogs for various European Police Agencies.

Jim Ljunggren,
Director of International & Homeland Security Training


Stacey L. Arnold Yerkes is a retired Sergeant with 24 years of law enforcement experience with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. She served as a full time criminal interdiction officer for twenty years and a 2-time narcotics canine handler for fourteen years. She has accumulated over 2,100 hours of formalized classroom and practical criminal interdiction related training. Stacey has made more than 250 significant contraband seizures; including the seizure and/or forfeiture of over 100 passenger and commercial motor vehicles (in which numerous were equipped with after-market hidden compartments), over $6 million in U.S. Currency, 5,000 pounds of marijuana, 564 pounds of cocaine, 20 pounds of ecstasy, 82 pounds of heroin, 10 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and a significant number of seizures involving other types of illegal contraband and weapons.

Stacey was assigned as one of three full-time criminal interdiction training officers, specifically tasked with training officers on the road while continuing to detect and apprehend the criminal element. She assisted in developing an advanced criminal interdiction technique training program, the first of its kind in the United States. The on the-road training program established baseline knowledge in interdiction techniques; testing officers’ pre and post ride in the areas of human behavior assessment and the ability to rapidly and accurately assess a traffic stop.

Stacey has assisted with well over 350 large scale contraband seizures. She has been recognized by state courts as an expert in criminal interdiction and has testified in several federal court cases throughout the United States. As a subject matter expert, she and her partner addressed Ohio Governor John Kasich and his cabinet on the Drug Climate and National Drug Abuse Index. In addition, Stacey was invited by the U.S. Department of Defense to instruct top military officials at the Pentagon during the National Red Ribbon Campaign, the nation’s largest drug prevention effort, in the field of criminal interdiction and canine usage.

Stacey has received numerous awards, including; 2016-2017 Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP) “Bob Thomasson” National Criminal Interdiction Officer of the Year, 2-time DIAP Nominee for Interdiction Officer of the Year, 2011 Ohio State Highway Patrol “State Trooper Recognition Award”, 2010 National Criminal Enforcement Association (NCEA) “Director’s Award”, 2010 NCEA “K9 Legacy Award”, 2010 and 2005 NCEA Drug Seizure Recognition Award, 2004 U.S.

Drug Enforcement Association 2-time “Certificate of Recognition”, 2004 U.S. Secret Service “Certificate of Appreciation”, 2003 American Police Hall of Fame “Recognition for Meritorious Service”, 2002 Ohio State Highway Patrol “Criminal Patrol Award”, 2002 “Letter of Commendation” from the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 16 time recipient Ohio State Highway Patrol “Criminal Patrol Recognition Award”. Stacey was also a member of a nationally recognized Criminal Patrol Team in Northwest Ohio, receiving several awards for its accomplishments.

Stacey is a certified police instructor and narcotics canine evaluator in the state of Ohio, as well as an instructor for “USDOT” (United States Department of Transportation), “FMCSA” (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), “DIAP” (Drug Interdiction Assistance Program), “EPIC” (El Paso Intelligence Center), “DEA” (Drug Enforcement Administration), “NCEA” (National Criminal Enforcement Association), “MVCI” (Motor Vehicle Criminal Enforcement) and “PACE” (Pro Active Criminal Enforcement. She has instructed for “MAGLOCLEN” (Mid-Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network) and the Michigan State Police. Stacey has over 4,500 training hours and provided training to over 7,500 officers across twenty-nine states in the continental U.S., Canada, and for the DEA International Training Office in Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe).

Stacey L. Arnold Yerkes,
Program Manager

Lead Legal / Search & Seizure Instructor

Brian Surber is currently the first assistant district attorney for the Twelfth Judicial District for Rogers, Mayes, and Craig Counties. Surber was formerly a special agent with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics assigned to the Tulsa office. Surber graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1993 and from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1996. After graduating law school, Surber served as an assistant district attorney and director of the Eighth District Drug Task Force for 8 years. In 2004, Surber went to work for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics as the deputy general counsel primarily supervising and prosecuting wiretap cases and overseeing practitioners registered with the Bureau. He also was appointed a special assistant district attorney in 2004 as well as a special assistant attorney general in 2005, 2015, and 2017. In addition to his legal duties, Surber was commissioned as an agent in April of 2006. Shortly after being appointed general counsel in late 2006, Surber resigned from the legal division to become a full time special agent. Surber is currently a special assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA) for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

Surber has prosecuted thousands of narcotics cases and was the 2001-02 Association of Oklahoma Narcotic Enforcers State Prosecutor of the Year, the 2005 Distinguished Adjunct Faculty award winner for Northern Oklahoma College, the 2011-12 Association of Oklahoma Narcotics Enforcers State Officer of the Year, the 2012-13 recipient of Association of Oklahoma Narcotic Enforcers Outstanding Achievement award, and the 2015 Rogers County Co-Prosecutor of the Year. He has also taught over two hundred (200) seminars in twelve states, primarily in the areas of the Fourth Amendment and narcotics laws. Surber also authored The Investigator’s Guide to Search and Seizure as well as The Prosecutor’s Guide to Fourth and Fifth Amendment Motions to Suppress, both published by the Regional Organized Crime Information Center. He is also the author of the Oklahoma Drug Prosecutor’s Desk Reference. Surber also was the former editor of The Police Papers, published by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Surber has also written numerous articles for law enforcement publications.

Brian Surber,
Lead Legal / Search & Seizure Instructor

Lead Instructor

Ben Dollar is a Special Agent in the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division with over 13 years of Law Enforcement experience, 11 years with The Texas Highway Patrol working highway criminal interdiction, and 2 years in the Criminal Investigations Division. He has more than 10 years experience in highway criminal patrol investigations and has received thousands of hours in formalized highway criminal patrol training, both in the didactic setting and on the job highway situations. Ben is an Alumni of Eastern New Mexico University where he received a double major bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and biology. Dollar has made highway criminal patrol seizures consisting of over $4.5 million in US currency, more than 16,020 pounds of marijuana, 852 pounds of cocaine, 44.98 pounds of black tar heroin, 446.57 pounds of methamphetamine (ICE), 22 gallons of PCP, 3 endangered children recoveries, one stop yielding 594 automatic rifles destine to Canada, and a significant number of seizures involving other types of illegal contraband. Dollar has detected hundreds of aftermarket compartments containing illegal contraband, US Currency, weapons and explosives. Additionally, this agent has been recognized both federally and in state court as an expert in criminal interdiction. Specifically, Dollar’s experience and testimony is documented in UNITED STATES of America, v. Ramon BANUELOS-ROMERO. Dollar is a certified advanced TECOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) instructor for the Texas Department of Public Safety, 'DIAP' (Drug Interdiction Assistance Program ‘EPIC’ (El Paso Intelligence Center), 'US DOJ' (United States Department of Justice), 'DEA' (Drug Enforcement Administration) and has trained thousands of local, state, and federal officials throughout the country including Canada on highway criminal patrol tactics.

Dollar has been requested to instruct and be a guest speaker at numerous accredited national level interdiction conferences, emergency management conferences, and at the first annual Canadian Criminal Interdiction Conference in Kananaskis, Canada. He has conducted many major criminal enterprise multiagency investigations and dismantled Mexican Cartel Drug Transport Organizations. Also, he has received numerous awards such as 2006 thru 2013 Captain’s and Majors award in Criminal Interdiction, 2013 Chief’s Award for Criminal Interdiction, 2013 TXDPS Commissioned Officer of the Year Award (Clements Award), 2013 First Annual National Interdiction Conference Interdiction Officer of the Year, 2013 DIAP Nominee for Interdiction Officer of the Year. Dollar’s Sergeant Area was recognized in 2012 with the Unit Citation for the seizure of narcotics valued at $149,371,748.00 and seized $11,671,651 in U.S Currency. In 2012 Sergeant Area 5B03 led the state of Texas in four categories including number of significant seizures tracked by the State of Texas. Dollar remains active in Criminal Interdiction developing a plain clothes investigators interdiction group in the Amarillo, Texas and the outlying area.

Ben Dollar,
Lead Instructor