Robbie Bishop

Captain Robbie E. Bishop of the Villa Rica Police Department in Georgia, was more than just your average police officer. Robbie was and will forever be the exception when it came to the field of Drug Interdiction and Criminal Enforcement. Captain Robbie E. Bishop was in charge of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Villa Rica Police Department’s Interstate Criminal Enforcement Teams. Robbie was well known throughout the interdiction community for his hard work and dedication to the pursuit of the criminal element.

Robbie also worked part-time in several other agencies throughout the Southeastern United States. Robbie's attitude on life and work could be summed up in two words, Motivated & Dedicated. He was a pioneer for criminal interdiction and has spearheaded it into what it is today. On the morning of Wednesday, January 20th, 1999, Captain Robbie E. Bishop was shot and killed during a traffic stop on US Interstate 20 west bound, at the 18 mile marker, leaving behind his wife and two children.

The world of criminal interdiction was turned upside-down that day. Robbie was all about teaching others the proper techniques that could be used that worked. He was also an inspiration to all who knew him or of him. Robbie was all about teaching others not only successful Interdiction techniques, but also about officer safety & survival. To this day, Captain Robbie E. Bishop remains an inspiration to all who knew him or of him. The funeral was held in Villa Rica, Georgia and was attended by over 6,000 law enforcement officers, citizens, friends and family.

 The funeral motorcade left Villa Rica and moved 75 miles North on I-75 to Dalton, GA. This is where Captain Bishop ended his tour of duty and was laid to rest. There were patrol vehicles on hand wading through the bumper to bumper precession from all across the country. The procession was over 30 miles in length. Though Robbie Bishop sacrificed so much, he asked for very little in return. He will sorely be missed by all.

The National Criminal Enforcement Association birthed and started as a result of officers from all over the country wanting to continue the legacy that Captain Robbie Bishop lived everyday of his life. This is only a small tribute to an officer that gave us so much to what he believed in. In memory of Captain Robbie E. Bishop, the NCEA proudly displays his badge number, “314” for all to remember him. This badge number has become one of the permanent symbols of our organization and can be seen in our toll free phone number, our web address domain name, on all of our merchandise, and literature. Usually the 314 is accompanied by Robbie’s initials, “R. E. B.” for Robbie Edward Bishop.

 When seen together as “R.E.B. 314”, all in the business of Criminal Interdiction should remember the ultimate sacrifice that was given on that January morning on US Highway 20. As long as there are Criminal Interdiction Officers working our nation’s streets and highways, Robbie’s legacy will live on. In memory of Captain Robbie Edward Bishop.