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Pictured above left to right: Lauren Bishop, Lisa Bishop Webb, Doug Wright, and Cody Bishop
On behalf of the National Criminal Enforcement Association (NCEA) and its staff, I would to invite you to partake in the close knit camaraderie and awesome networking capabilities and tools by joining the ranks of our organization. The NCEA thrives to be at the cutting edge of Advanced Law Enforcement Training for Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement and has seen extreme results out on the streets by our members that have employed what they have learned.
The NCEA strongly believes, and teaches that traffic stops are not finished on the side of the road when you make an arrest or a seizure. It is each of your duties to take it to the next level and pass the information about your case on to law enforcement on the other end of that traffic stop at the destination cities and states. Why should you let that valuable information die on the roadside when it can be shared with someone that can expound upon it? Often times picking up the telephone or emailing information about your incident can help lead to additional arrests and seizures of assets. With the use of our ‘Vehicle Concealment Locator’ database, you will be able to access valuable hidden compartment locations and special concealment methods with a few strokes of your computer keys. Having a large networking base of members works as a conduit and will aid you when you really need to ‘reach out to someone’.
The NCEA membership contingency consists of who are actively involved in Pro-Active Law Enforcement from all of the United States and Canada. You have an opportunity to be a part of something special. It is not ‘just another organization or association’. This organization is one of prestige and honor that runs deep amongst our ranks. We have a rich history that has evolved in the short years since our inception. We have tragically lost nine Hero Members in Line-of-Duty deaths since 2004.
Our organization’s existence is based on losing Capitan Robbie Bishop, one of the finest interdiction officers / instructors in the country in the line-of-duty in 1999. The NCEA’s motto is “In Pursuit of the Criminal Element; the Fight Continues,” and dictates that our members are fully devoted to enforcing the entire spectrum of all forms of Criminal Activity. The second part signifies the ultimate sacrifice of those officers that have died in the Line-of-Duty when they selflessly gave their lives protecting others and that ‘we will not back down nor waiver’ in the face of crime and danger!
Please be sure to inform your fellow Law Enforcement Officers about this great Information Sharing & Networking Organization. Being a member of this organization has proven time and again as an effective tool in apprehending criminals and infiltrating all types of criminal activity.
If you have any questions or would like to pass on information that would be informative to fellow members, please do not hesitate to call our National Headquarters at (877) 468-2392, or e-mail me at dwright@ncea314.com.
Remember that there is no load of dope or arrest out there that is worth your life. Stay safe on the streets and “Never Search Alone.” REB 314

Douglas Wright
Executive Director

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