Director's Message

On behalf of the National Criminal Enforcement Association, its Board of Directors and its distinguished membership, I encourage you to take advantage of the close-knit camaraderie and networking capabilities by joining the ranks of our organization.  By becoming a member, you create a force multiplier.  You increase the propensity to identify and exploit criminal organizations who strategically utilize highways and byways in your jurisdictions in their effort to facilitate the movement of contraband and criminal activity.  

The National Criminal Enforcement Association thrives to be at the cutting edge of advanced law enforcement training for federal, state and local law enforcement. Our members have enjoyed extraordinary benefits and results after employing the training they have received, while also tapping into long-term relationships they have built from states and communities throughout the United States, and Canada.

The National Criminal Enforcement Association advocates road officers to look beyond the encounter through the fundamental principles of utilizing networking and information sharing capabilities.   It is our duty and obligation as law enforcement officers to take our cases to the next level and disseminate information and intelligence along to our fellow law enforcement colleagues. 

With the simple tap of the screen on your smartphone or the click of the mouse on your computer, our members can access our ‘Vehicle Concealment Locator’ database, which will allow your team to access thousands of valuable concealment locations in vehicles of all makes and models located by your fellow members. When seconds and minutes matter, our members can access the most up-to-date and modern natural voids, aftermarket hidden compartments and trafficking and smuggling trends being used by criminal organizations from all geographic regions of the country.

The National Criminal Enforcement Association's membership consists of law enforcement officers who are committed to actively engaging in proactive law enforcement policing strategies. By joining the ranks of our membership, you simply would have the opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with law enforcement professionals who are committed to enforcing the entire spectrum of criminal activity, as we proudly boast this in our organization's motto, “In Pursuit of the Criminal Element; the Fight Continues.”  

The National Criminal Enforcement Association is an organization which is steeped in rich history.  The organization was founded in 1999  due to the untimely death of Captain Robbie Bishop, E.O.W. January 20th, 1999, when he was murdered during a criminal interdiction traffic stop outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  Unfortunately, the National Criminal Enforcement Association has experienced heart-wrenching losses of members since the death of Captain Bishop.  Each one of those distinguished members who selflessly sacrificed their lives in defense of their communities was not done in vein and we will not relent in lifting their memories up through our education of criminal interdictors.

Our membership is your membership, and we welcome you to join us as we fight to preserve justice and peace through networking and the most current, successful, professional and proper proactive policing techniques being utilized around the world.

Chad Larner
Executive Director