Who We Are

Since our inception in 1999, I have watched the National Criminal Enforcement Association (NCEA) grow from an organization with regional members and concepts to an internationally recognized organization, with members throughout the United States and Canada.

When our organization was developed in 1999, it began with mostly interstate interdiction officers. As time has passed, we have developed into a multi-faceted organization with a very diverse membership of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement representation. Our training has evolved from concentrating on interstate interdiction to broad-based concepts involving teaching the traffic stop from A-Z, how to handle complex criminal and financial investigations, as well as how to testify in court to assist in successful prosecution of criminal cases to name a few. These concepts are based on the foundation of what Robbie taught fellow officers in the techniques that he used to assist him in detecting criminal activity and locating and seizing illicit contraband. The NCEA has dedicated itself over the years to teaching the same successful methods that Robbie taught to his fellow officers.

 Robbie's class was fittingly called 'Criminal Enforcement for Patrol'. The law enforcement officers working patrol, where the rubber meets the road, are the front line of defense to our communities. No matter where you are, Criminal Enforcement works! In 2002 we officially changed the name of our organization from the National Drug Interdiction Association (NDIA) to the National Criminal Enforcement Association; based on the realization that we wanted to teach criminal enforcement across the gamut of law enforcement duties. The Board of Directors and I felt that this name appropriately reflects the integrity of all our members. I feel that our membership consists of the finest law enforcement officers working within the United States and abroad as well. I want to thank all of our members for the hard work and dedication that all of you have put into your jobs to help keep our communities a safer place to live.

Lisa Bishop Webb
Honorary President - NCEA